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I have been watching many videos and reading some blogs to learn what I can about blending and colouring with Copic markers.   

I found this printable on Pinterest, the idea is to be able to match the copic colour to cardstock or pattern paper.   

Flower printable – this printable is to demonstrate different colour combinations to can have when combing the colours you already have.  Here, I have started to combine the colours I have and to see how many I can put together.  I plan to fill up this sheet and possibly more. 

The rocket tutorial was taught by Michelle Houghton. I found this to be easy to follow and gave me a good understanding of shading and blending.  

This what I have found and worked on so far.  Will continue to update when I have completed more.  
Hope you enjoyed!



Something I have really enjoyed doing is making my own embellishments.Most of these ideas are universal, switch out the theme to whatever project you are working on. So many ideas can be found on the internet using colouring pages, printables, etc.)

Some of my favourites are

Flair buttons – all you really need is a 1” circle punch (I have a MS scalloped circle punch which works great), a stamped image, scraps of paper, small stickers, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few samples of one I have made.

Stamped images – Find your favourite stamp or something that coordinates with your theme, colour it, and cover with gloss accents or something like that ( I use Close To My Heart’s Liquid Glass)

Paper Piecing – find a printable, colouring page, or pattern of your theme and cut out of cardstock and/or pattern paper to create your embellishment. Again lots of patterns, images of the internet or draw your own pattern(not something I could do though).

One last thing… you can use packaging from items you buy to make patterns like ihave here with this bone tag I have from a purchase from a toy I purchased for my puppy.  Use the pattern for many things:

Trace on a piece of card stock or pattern pattern and words or design, journaling, etc. 

Trace outlying on paper and stitch the outline to make your own embellishment or do several for a background. 

Hope you are inspired to create your own embellishments…

Thanks for looking 🙂





Currently I am working on an album for my new puppy, Rosie. This is taking a lot longer than I expected.


Isn’t it funny how we take tons of pictures for something new, well at least I do? I probably have made this project longer than it needs to be just because of the amount of pictures.

First let’s talk about the album I chose to use for this project. This album has been kicking around for a few years now and I really haven’t found a purpose for it up to this point. I think it will work great!

I have purchased Echo Park’s Bark collection to get me started and have coordinated with other stuff from my stash. Here are a few pictures of completed layouts.

In later posts I am going to show how I have made some of my own embellishments (stamps, paper piecing, etc.)

I plan on updated you on this project as I have completed the layouts.

Hope you enjoyed…

Thanks for looking 🙂






I wanted to try something new to help me use my dies and stamps more. So I decide to re-organize all my die cuts and stamp images into categories.

I purchased this rolodex from the dollar store for $4 and placed a small piece of paper in every page with stamped images on it, place into its category.

I store all my stamps in cd cases in my drawer beside me. Seen in pic above.

Again I don’t use my Slice die cutting machine as much as I wish I would, so I thought maybe if I put some of the die cuts into the rolodex under the categories to help me see and inspire me with ideas.

I store all of the steel cut dies on a foam board covered with magnetic sheets, I find this to be inspiring and have used them a lot more since being out in clear sight.

I have been using this system for a few months now and have found it be very helpful and inspiring. 

Hope you enjoyed…

Thanks for looking 😀

Here are some homemade wiggle wires for making those fun cards with a wiggle character on the front of the card.  I saw the tutorial on Pinterest but seen the manufacturer ones at Scrapfest in the Spring.   They made really cute cards when you attached something to the front of a card with the wire but thought they were a little expensive for what they were.  So here is the ones I made.



I took my wire and wrapped around a pencil and then looped into a square of paper and then with a glue dot and another square on top to finish it off.

Thanks for looking,

In my previous post I said I was going to show you a tutorial of  the Hinged Mini Book inspired by Heidi Swapp (My Craft Channel).  So here we go….

1- I started with a popcorn box. I cut the sides and top off the box and was left with the front, back and bottom still all together.20130611-200905.jpg

2 – Then I covered the entire box with pattern paper on both sides.





3 – then I punched the top of both sides with the binding punch (I have a system from Carla Craft), there are so many out there.  You can use whatever you have available to you or just use a regular hole punch and template.





4 – Arrange all of the pieces to your liking, I have mine cascading down by size mostly.  I also edged most of the pages with a border punch or used the design of the paper to create my edge.



5 – Coil the mini book together and start to embellish and add pictures.




Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial, it was a lot of work but it was so much fun!!!!

Thanks for looking,





Here are my cute little flags I made inspired by Pinterest.

Here I used toothpicks and a piece of washi tape.   Ripe the tape at about 5-6″ strip and wrap around the top of the toothpick maybe a 1/4″ from the top.  Try to keep the washi tape even on the edges (just looks cleaner).

Make 3 cuts to the end of the washi tape, one in the middle, then one top and bottom and there you have it.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed,





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