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Currently I am working on an album for my new puppy, Rosie. This is taking a lot longer than I expected.


Isn’t it funny how we take tons of pictures for something new, well at least I do? I probably have made this project longer than it needs to be just because of the amount of pictures.

First let’s talk about the album I chose to use for this project. This album has been kicking around for a few years now and I really haven’t found a purpose for it up to this point. I think it will work great!

I have purchased Echo Park’s Bark collection to get me started and have coordinated with other stuff from my stash. Here are a few pictures of completed layouts.

In later posts I am going to show how I have made some of my own embellishments (stamps, paper piecing, etc.)

I plan on updated you on this project as I have completed the layouts.

Hope you enjoyed…

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I wanted to try something new to help me use my dies and stamps more. So I decide to re-organize all my die cuts and stamp images into categories.

I purchased this rolodex from the dollar store for $4 and placed a small piece of paper in every page with stamped images on it, place into its category.

I store all my stamps in cd cases in my drawer beside me. Seen in pic above.

Again I don’t use my Slice die cutting machine as much as I wish I would, so I thought maybe if I put some of the die cuts into the rolodex under the categories to help me see and inspire me with ideas.

I store all of the steel cut dies on a foam board covered with magnetic sheets, I find this to be inspiring and have used them a lot more since being out in clear sight.

I have been using this system for a few months now and have found it be very helpful and inspiring. 

Hope you enjoyed…

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Who would have thought that I would be working on a cross stitch, I don’t usually do cross stitch because it takes so long.  I tend to head toward smaller, quick projects.

I picked up this small notebook kit (included notebook, thread and needle) at Dollarama to work on the train going to Montreal a couple weeks ago.  Although it is taking a while to complete, I am pick it up when I can.  I will post it when it is done.


Yesterday I purchased a package of Gelly Roll Classic pens at Michael’s Arts and Crafts using a 40% coupon.  Now I need to figure out what to do with them.


Here are a few things I was playing with, not sure I like to colour with them, doesn’t really leave a smooth, even finish.

What I have learned so far:

the pens are great for designs and colouring in small objects like the food dish, butterfly or hearts because they are small.

Not to fussy on the finished look of the dog coloured.  Too many pens marks.  So I did go over it again and it looks so much better.  I would so like to add glaze to it.  I really like the black and clear glaze pens.  I purchased those last year and have used a little.  The black glaze pen works great for paws.  These stamps are from Your Next Stamp, Jessica’s Puppy.


Oops!  I didn’t realize this pen was not clear when dried!  Won’t do that again.


I still love all the markers and have learned some new things.

Hope you can appreciate this post and I look forward to showing my next creative adventure.

Thanks for looking!




This is my version of how I organize my unmounted stamps.   First of  all, I have index cards (4 x 6) all of my stamp images into categories that I would search by to find them.  I try to think about how I would look for them and categorize them by topic. i.e. – journaling, boys stuff, words, Christmas, etc.   Secondly, I make sure I use a card that is associated with the letter “A”, “B”, “C” or “D” and that corresponds with the container that I store the stamp set in.
2013-04-13 14.11.49

Here is the clear little bucket (I think fruit came in it) that I store all of the cards by category.
2013-04-13 14.11.03

Here are my containers “A-C” that the stamps are stored in on my shelf above my desk.  All the “D”s are wooden stamps and I store them on another shelf by my desk.  As you can see each container is label with the letter.

2013-04-08 19.18.35

Here is what you would see if you opened one of the containers.  Each stamp set is labelled with the letter of the container and place inside a cd sleeve if small enough, if not small enough than I put it in a cello type bag, just to make sure if one of the stamps falls off the plastic it isn’t gone forever.

2013-04-13 14.13.05

This system works for me, it seems like a lot of work, however, once you have it set up and maintain it, it really isn’t that bad.

Try it out!!!


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