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I am really trying to scale down on supplies.

Too many supplies really do overwhelm me. I have re-organized several times and since we moved last august I have really downsized with all my crafting supplies, projects, etc. I also tried to be “real” with myself on the projects “I am going to finish.” The important ones need to be finished. I am currently working on a large needlepoint that my mom gave me and she passed away 10 years old. So this is what I mean about being “real” either finish it or let it go. I also have yarn I kept from her and this past winter I crocheted an aphgan with it….good used it up , DONE!  

Well that was a big rabbit hole….back to the organization I have been doing.

I have consolidated all of my supplies into just a few categories such as Everyday, Spring/Summer, Sports, Fall and Winter. All cardstock, pattern paper, embellishments, project life cards, stickers, rub-ons, etc. are divided up into these categories and put into other containers to keep them separate and easy to pull out.

Here is the inside of the drawer with all the small containers of supplies.  The pink case holds all my project life suitable for the category.  Ribbons, die cuts, glitter tape in another container. In another container is washi tape and small embellishments in another.   Embossing folders are separate and are set in an area that they have not nicely.  

 Here is the bottom of the drawer, I can find the scraps in a standard 8 1/2 x 11 page protector and my 12 x 12 papers are lying flat in the bottom of the drawer.  

The rest of the drwers are set up the same way.  

Hope you enjoyed this post and gained a few helpful tips.  

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Last post for December Daily!









Hope you enjoyed my December Daily!

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Dec 23 – Wendy dropped by to drop off gifts and she gave me this cute reindeer ornament.   We did lots of cleaning and getting ready for the holidays.  I set the table for Christmas day and Steve started preparations in the kitchen.


Dec. 24 – I arrived home around 1pm after working this morning, we had KFC as soon as I got home and we watched A Christmas Carol.  We put the turkey in the oven and it was done around 8pm.  The boys went outside to play in the snow several times.  Later we watched It’s a Wonderful Life”.



Dec 25 – Christmas Day!!!


Dec 26 – Boxing Day !!!



Dec 27


Dec 28



Dec 29



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Dec 16 – The boys are loving the snow.  They have been out in it as much as they can be, building forts and snowball fights.

Dec 17 – Started my baking, the first batch of butter tarts.

Dec 18 – Christmas concert was great, John did a great job narrating his part about how Brazil celebrates Christmas, and Joey’s class were little hams singing their song.


Dec 19 – Last day of school, Joey received this panda bear gift from his teacher and he handed out treats to his class this Christmas.  The boys both gave their teachers a box of chocolates and Tim Hortons gift certificates this year.


Dec 20 –  PA Day for the boys and when I came home from work we decided to go to East Side Marios for supper.   It was so good!

Dec 21 – Boys put together their gingerbread house. Lots of baking today. Nanimo bars, shortbread, butter tarts and cooked 2 pies (mincemeat and apple). Wrapped some more gifts and put the final touches on shopping. Watched A Christmas Story tonight.

Dec 22 – Went to see Momma today and give her gift.  She loved the wrapping so much she put it on her head and posed for this picture.


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Dec. 8 – Watched a family favourite.  Last year was the first time we watched this one, A Christmas Story.

Dec. 9 – Our favourites we watch every year:

A Christmas carol (1954)
It’s A wonderful life

The home alone movies. The third one is his favourite.

How the Grinch stole Christmas

Christmas Vacation


Dec. 10 – My Christmas at work,  We put out one decoration every work day we come in.  We also have pot-luck once a week and on the last one we have a gift exchange.  It is good fun!


Dec. 11 – # Count down till christmas.


Dec 12 – Laurie puts a little mini ornament on her kids stocking something to represent them or the times. I thought of using Christmas earrings or making something out of scrappy stuff. She found 99 when Gretzky was a big deal that year.


Dec 13 – Steve picked up our gift basket from the social club at work. A nice assortment of chocolates and nuts plus a 50$ gc for zehrs or no frills.


Dec 14 – Lots of snow today!!!


Dec. 15 – Tonight we watched the season finale of Survivor, we real enjoy this show.


Hope you enjoyed this post of my next showing of my December Daily.

I should have another post tomorrow for DD,

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Well here it is, I really didn’t think it was going to take this long but here is my December Daily, sorry for my tardiness.

I’ve got a fresh load of Epson paper and ink for my PictureMate and ready to really get into my December Daily.    Here is a glimpse into what I have completed for the first week of December….

Dec. 1 – A tradition and the opening for all DD, the advent calendar they absolutely look forward to that little piece of chocolate everyday.  It is such a joy to watch them embrace and enjoy something so trivial. It really does seem that the “little things do mean the most”.  This is just one of them.

Dec. 2 – Christmas cards were prepared in the fall and now it is time to get them addressed and sent out.

Dec. 3 – We received our first Christmas card from Krista and watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

Dec. 4 – Wrapping gifts in Kraft paper and red & green plaid ribbon.  I think this looks so pretty under the tree.


Dec. 5 – Shipments come in all the time, at this time of year.   Most of my Christmas shopping has been done online.


Dec. 6 – BELIEVE – the boys are questioning their belief of Santa, we keep telling them that we believe in the spirit of Christmas and sometimes it’s a person and sometimes it’s a felling in your heart.


Dec. 7 – I bought the Duck the Halls cd this year, Joey has read the booklet that came with it from cover to cover and we all love to watch Duck Dynasty.


Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for looking,


So many things happen before December even gets here, so I thought I would start with November after Remembrance Day.


I used this calendar pocket from Smash and put on it the pertinent dates and events that we took part in during  November.  As you can see a few major events preparing for Christmas took place.


Here is the back of the pocket and in the pocket I put the brochure I received from the Holly Jolly Tour I went to with a friend in Cambridge. The pictures on the back of the pocket is the number one reason for me to do this December Daily,  my youngest son looking at the previous years DD.

On the right hand side are pictures of the decorations around the house, the mantel, dining room.  On the inside of this page you see…..


We went to the Santa Claus Parade and have started watching Christmas movies.

“Putting up the Tree!” – This year we decided it was time for a real tree, Mom’s tree was getting old and unfortunately we stored in the basement last year and now it has the odour of mustiness, YUCK!  So out we went, the boys and I,  I purchased a tree stand from Home Hardware for $22 and then went to Home Depot for the tree.  The lady that helped us was SO helpful and she cut the bottom of the tree for us, told us to put some sugar in the water and of course, keep it watered.    The best part is when we are done with this we don’t have to store it.  It looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Here it is……the finished product.  “Our Real Tree”

I also made a pocket for the letters to Santa and the reply.


And here is the back of the Letters to Santa and the December calendar.


Hope you have enjoyed the beginning of my December Daily (November) so far.

Thanks for looking,


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